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Core Disruption press release

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General Information

Core Disruption takes an unconventional approach to VR gaming using new technology that reduces the onset of simulation sickness.

The game offers the immersiveness only VR can provide while maintaining a familiar and personalized user experience.

Developer: MPLEX, VR

Early Access Release Date: TBA.

Price: TBA

Platforms: Quest, Oculus Rift Store, Steam, Playstation

Contact: [email protected]


Key Features

  • Multiplayer PvP
  • Cross-platform
  • No special controllers, equipment, or room-scale required
  • Simulation sickness mitigation technology
  • High-fidelity graphics and sound
  • Team voice-chat
  • Custom loadouts


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More About Core Disruption

Full Battlefield Immersion

Drop into your cockpit and look around. You have complete control of your vehicle, simultaneously acting as the driver, gunner, and systems operator. From firing your weapons, coordinating strategy, and managing your vehicle’s subsystems, Core Disruption’s futuristic pilot-approach takes combat efficiency to a whole new level. With high-fidelity graphics, soundscapes, and environments, players will be transported directly onto the battlefield.

Strategically Outfit Your Tank

Customize your tank, making tactical choices about which loadout fits your team’s strategy and playstyle. With over 9000 configurations of tank chassis, weapons, skins, modules, and subsystems, your choices will be imperative to your team’s success and survival.

Multiplayer PvP

Master the art of vehicle combat, with access to 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 combat scenarios. Form parties cross-platform and communicate with voice-chat to gain a competitive edge over rival teams.

Simulation Sickness Reduction

Simulation sickness mitigation technology allows for uncompromised locomotion mechanics, minimizing unpleasant experiences, while maximizing the potential of VR to deliver heart-racing action.

VR Accessibility

Enjoy the surreal experience of VR from the comfort of your desktop, keyboard and mouse. No special controllers, equipment, or room-scale are required for the full Core Disruption experience.

Company Info

MPLEX, LLC is a virtual reality development studio based in College Park, MD. Devoted to unleashing the full potential of VR, MPLEX creates premium content worth getting a VR headset for. Our first IP, Core Disruption, is not just your typical combat video game and we are not your typical game studio. MPLEX started as a passionate team of computer science students at the University of Maryland, and we have spent the last several years developing Core Disruption to solve the biggest challenges facing the VR industry. Learn more about the studio at

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