Multiplayer | VR | Tank Combat

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VR Tank Combat Reimagined

Strap in, pilot, and protect your core at all costs. You have full operational control of the most highly advanced war machine on the battlefield.

Core Disruption revolutionizes virtual reality tank combat by integrating modern immersion, traditional FPS accessibility, and emerging motion sickness reduction technology—all in a high-intensity, multiplayer battlefield environment.

Key Features

Multiplayer PvP

Master the art of vehicle combat, with access to 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 combat scenarios.

Form parties cross-platform and communicate with voice-chat to gain a competitive edge over rival teams.

Simulation Sickness Reduction

Simulation sickness mitigation technology allows for uncompromised locomotion mechanics, minimizing unpleasant experiences while maximizing the potential of VR to deliver heart-racing action.

Full Battlefield Immersion

You are the driver, gunner, and systems operator. From firing your weapons, coordinating strategy, and managing your vehicle’s subsystems.

High-fidelity graphics, soundscapes, and environments.


Customize your tank, making tactical choices about which loadout fits your team’s strategy and playstyle.

With over 9000 configurations of tank chassis, weapons, skins, modules, and subsystems, your choices will be imperative to your team’s success and survival.

VR Accessibility

Enjoy the surreal experience of VR from the comfort of your desktop, keyboard and mouse.

No special controllers, equipment, or room-scale required.

  • Multiplayer PvP
  • Cross-platform
  • Voice chat
  • Simulation Sickness Reduction
  • Comfortable to play
  • Uncompromised locomotion
  • Full Battlefield Immersion
  • High-fidelity graphics, soundscapes, and environments
  • Customization
  • Over 9000 loadout configurations
  • Change chassis, weapons, skins, modules, and subsystems
  • VR Accessibility
  • No special controllers, equipment, or room-scale required

Pre-Alpha Tournament